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Updated: 12-07-2018

WLAN Hotspots (Public Wireless LAN) | Swisscom

As soon as you are close to a hotspot, you can easily connect your device over the 'Swisscom' SSID code, follow the instructions on the Login page and starting ...

Setting up Swisscom Public WLAN | Help

You need to do a one-off set up of Swisscom Public WLAN so that you can automatically connect. PWLAN Autologin only works with iOS Version 7 and later.

High-Speed Internet Access. - Swisscom

our roaming partners abroad under Experience optimum mobility ... Select «Swisscom Login» from the PWLAN login menu. You will then be ...

PWLAN - How to Connect - SWITCHconnect - SWITCH Help

To connect to a PWLAN hotspot, first connect to the wireless network. ... After you have connected to the wireless network, you will be asked to login on a website ...

WLAN Roaming - Services - SWITCH

... commercial operators of public Wi-Fi hotspots (sometimes called PWLAN) so that ... This VPN client software is supplied by the university along with the login.